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Septalyst is in search of Business Associates for various parts of India and the world. We are looking for the people who can share our vision of "Customer First" and support us in delivering our promise to the customers.

Easy To Work With

It is this deep understanding of the market which will ensure our success. We will be continuously observing and analysing the market needs and in this process will set new trends and challenge the established rules and dictums.

Our Philosophy

We understand that customers are the primary reason of our existence. We must strive to develop new products & services understanding and anticipating their needs and expectations. We strongly believe that we are here to bring...

About Us

Septalyst is an inspiration, passion and a long cherished dream of its founder members “The 7 Catalysts”. Septalyst is one of the fastest growing super specialty company with focus on Nephro & Critical care products & therapies. th focus on Nephro & Critical care products & therapies. We want to develop & market specialty therapeutic....

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Why Choose Us

  • The biggest strength of Septalyst

    The biggest strength of Septalyst is strong understanding of the products / therapies and service requirement Read More
  • Develop & Market Speciality

    We want to develop & market speciality therapeutic and medical products to cure critical illness, Read More
  • Building Long Term Relationship

    It is this deep understanding of the market which will ensure our success. We will Read More
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  • Lair Ribeiro

    MD, International Speaker

    I took a medicines that’s work for Cure hernia without any operation. I feel better – this is the good way to cure any type of hernia I recommend to those persons who suffered from it. Taken this medicine hernica with acidim. I m really thankful to invention of those medicine. thanks grocare India !! Kind regards
  • Mrs. Vaka, Hyderabad

    Customer Care

    Thanks to HERNICA, my Hernia after C Section cesarean delivery is totally gone!! I was so scared of the surgery. Doctors told me that Hernia can not be cured without surgery and anyone claiming otherwise is a hoax..Grocare proved them wrong as I am fine without any surgery.
  • Thomas K. Szulc

    MD, Medical Director

    Innovative Medicine is paving the way for the medicine of the future. If every doctor were to take advantage of their medicines, training, and resources, they’d have a much better understanding and appreciation for the field of medicine and much healthier and happier patients – no doubt about this.
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